Katie Meany

"Katie Derer of Wilderer Equestrian has been a wonderful addition to my boarding facility in Wilmington. She has helped several of my clients, including myself, advance in their riding skills, confidence, and overall horsemenship. She promotes unity between horse and rider, and devotes time before and after each lesson to pass on her knowledge and care to every aspect of horse care, not just riding. She is a pleasure to be around and a very welcomed face at my farm.

Katie has been and continues to be accommodating to every level of rider, and every type of horse. Thanks to her training and encouragement, I have gotten back into showing after a five year hang up and now I ENJOY it! Whether you want to tune up your skills to be safe on the trails, wish to train and bring up a young or difficult horse, or move up the levels and compete, look no further than Katie Derer."
- Katie Meany

Katie Meany

"My experience with Katie Derer was on point from start to finish. I purchased a young OTTB off of a slaughter truck, as a project, to check off another to do on my bucket list. Our training started off smooth, but as the jump height increased, I began to lose my level of confidence. It was time to find a trainer to help me through the obstacles I now faced. Fortunately, I studied abroad with Miss Katie Derer, and I knew she would be the perfect fit for my situation.

Katie was extremely patient with me through our lessons. She took the time to help me through my occasional mental break downs and frustrations. She was extremely loyal and honest as a trainer, and with her training rides. She always took the time to explain how to ride him through any issues he had, and gave “homework” to work on throughout the week. I would often become nervous at shows, but she coached me through it. Joey and I always finished in the ribbons, because of the support we had through schooling. She made it fun for me again, and my smile was back. The best part is my horse loved her! Joey’s training was initiated late spring, and he was ready to be sold by the end of July. By the first week of September he was sold in the five digits to a wonderful loving home!

I have been around many horse people in my life, but Katie Derer is a rare find with an incredible amount of drive and passion to succeed in the equestrian world. The amount of patience and dedication she has to her clients is unwavering. She is a very compassionate horse woman who has a lot of pride, and truly dedicates her life in what she does. If I had a negative thought in my riding ability or felt defeated, she would always figure out how to turn it positive. I appreciate everything she has done for me throughout the sale of Joey aka Joe – Joe – B. I can’t wait to work with Katie again in the future!"
- Ashley Reimel

"Katie is a powerful young lady making a dent in the equestrian world at a young age for many reasons. The most important of which is her intense love of horses AND people. She’s also very good at tuning into what both the rider and the horse need to work on and she carefully manages to maneuver both to work together and to understand each other. Her knowledge and calm confidence is ideal for all aspects of horseback riding.

Katie first taught our daughter, Jacqueline when she was about 8 years old. We fell in love with her happiness and her gentle way of giving our daughter the confidence to push herself. Jacqueline had been riding/taking lessons since she was 4 years old, and had been fortunate to have strong instructors throughout. But, Katie’s bright personality stands out and Jacqueline soaked in all of Katie’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

Katie moved from the Florida Keys back to Philadelphia but we all kept in contact as we had completely fallen in love with her. Katie contacted us a few years later (when Jacqueline was 11) because she knew we were finally in the market for a horse of our own and she felt she had found one that matched Jacqueline’s skill level yet had enough spirit and strength to challenge Jacqueline for years to come. She introduced us to Stolen Treasure (nicknamed Buddy) and sure enough, the two connected.

Again, Katie’s instincts came through. Katie followed through, steadily introducing and instructing both Jacqueline and Buddy over the next few months and Jacqueline thrived. Katie’s one of the happiest people we’ve ever met and her enthusiasm and love of this business is very special and wonderful to be around. Her professionalism is beyond her young age and anyone working with her can attest to this. We can’t recommend Katie’s skill level and instincts enough."
- Jack and Janna Vandelaar

Haley Talarowski

"After having an accident two years ago, Katie has helped me regain my strength and confidence in riding. Both my pony and I react very positively to her rewarding and encouraging teaching style. Katie somehow makes not having stirrups fun!"
- Haley Talarowski

Haley Talarowski

"Meeting Katie for only a short time in Florida, I recognized her talent with young horses immediately. She has a patience and understanding that coincides with my own training methods. I recently collaborated with her on one of my sale horses which subsequently sold. I would love to work together again in the future!"
- Rachel Shearing

Katie Meany

"I've only taken 4 or 5 lessons with Katie, but I can already see a major difference in my tricky horse. From realizing we had a more physical problem to treating and working through it, Katie has been full of tricks and tips towards helping Gracie become the horse she was just two years ago. We'll certainly miss her when she goes to Florida this year!"
- Kelsy Peterson

Katie Meany

"Katie Derer's effervescent personality and unparalleled knowledge base have drawn quite a few Valley Riders to her training programs. She has been doing amazing work with many of my friends in various disciplines. Everyone has been demonstrating incredible progress, and they credit their success to her ability to isolate various aspects of their riding and then integrate the parts to create a stronger more harmonious whole. I had not intended to take dressage lessons, but was attracted to Katie's techniques. Thus began my first dressage lessons ever at what could be called a very mature age. After three short weeks with Katie, Calvin and I are developing a better connection, and I am having more fun than I ever thought "lessons" could be. Calvin and I are building the basics that will make us a strong harmonious team. Katie makes it easy and fun. Chalk up another member of Katie's Wilderer Ones."
- Gina Peterson